Out of State

Side view of Ambulance

When it comes to out of state transportation services, no one does it quite like Positive Medical Transport. We offer numerous advantages when it comes to taken the care of your patient’s travel.

Why Choose PMT?

  • Positive Medical Transport is the only licensed and insured medical transport provider from the Heartland.
  • PMT is the only transport provider that transports out of state in specialty care over the road ambulances.
  • PMT is the only transport provider with a specially trained long distance transport crew.
  • PMT is the only medical provider that legally and safely transports patients out of state in an RV style setting.

These are only a few of the reasons you should chose PMT for your next long distance trip when you require ANY medical care. PMT’s specialty trained and experienced staff can offer Advanced Life Support services, including short term transport sedation, for the seriously ill or injured patient. PMT also makes a great long distance trip for those that may not be able to sit through transport, wanting to lie down and watch TV while secured in the comfort of a specialty transport bed.

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