Wheelchair Services

Positive Medical has been providing wheelchair service to the Heartland since its inception in 2006. If you’re independent but need transport in your wheelchair or power scooter, PMT can take you where you need to go in one of our custom vans. All PMT wheelchair drivers have certification in Transport, CPR and advanced driving courses. Call the office today to schedule your trip.

Wheelchair Accessible Bus

Man being put into an ambulance

Basic Life Support

BLS or Basic Life Support is a level of medical care used when dealing with life threatening injury or illness until patient can be provided with full medical care. Unlike ALS, Basic Life support generally does not include any drugs or invasive skills. Basic Life Support services consist of life-saving techniques that are used in pre-hospital emergency medical care, and cover: cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, drowning, foreign body airway obstruction and other life threatening situations. Providing and maintaining clear passageway for gasses (airway), artificial respiration, AED, bleeding control and CPR are some of the techniques included in BLS. Positive Medical’s staff is fully licensed and annually re-credentialed for providing BLS as well as other medical services. At PMT patient care comes first!

Advanced Life Support

This service extends far beyond basic life support, adding in numerous advanced therapies. ALS level transports often require intensive patient care and monitoring as well as the most up date training and equipment available. During a situation which requires ALS, the attending PMT Paramedic will provide our patients with top-notch medical care. They are fully capable of performing the following invasive and non-invasive medical procedures: Cardiac ECG Monitoring, External Defibrillation, Transcutaneous Pacing, Intravenous Cannulation (IV), Intraosseous (IO) Access and Infusion, Surgical Cricothyrotomy, Needle Decompression of Tension Pneumothorax, mechanical ventilation and capnography monitoring, and much more.

Man inside of ambulance with EMT

Men inside of ambulance

Critical Care Transport

PMT recognizes that at times a patient’s best chance for survival is urgent transport to a specialty care center often many miles away. When deemed necessary by a physician, PMT and our staff are fully capable and equipped to evacuate the most unstable patients to facilitate life saving procedures at another facility. PMT is currently the only locally owned ambulance service to offer a full compliment of Critical Care Services including: advanced respiratory care, life sustaining medication drips with multiple IV pumps, balloon pump and cardiac cath lab evacuations, the continuation of whole blood transfusions, chest tubes, and many more specialty care procedures.

Often, patients in critical care condition require more than one paramedic or a nurse to facilitate the advanced therapy. Our dispatchers can accommodate for additional personnel requirements upon request. An over the phone patient care report to the en-route medic may also be requested to prepare ICU staff and PMT Medic’s for the transport. PMT paramedics certified to handle these critical patients undergo quarterly refresher training and recertification. They are ready at a moment’s notice to serve your patients.

Special Event Standby

Having a party, graduation, concert, or other event? Positive Medical provides BLS or ALS ambulance standby services for all types of events. From small indoor gatherings to large outdoor events, PMT can staff your get together with some of the best EMTs and Paramedics in the area to ensure your guests’ safety.

We facilitate many variations of medical standby, ranging from a single person first aid station to multiple ALS ambulances with a completely self sufficient command and control structure. PMT even has specialized off-road 4×4 ambulances for when we need to get a little dirty. Contact us to set up your medical standby today!

View from front of Ambulance

Bariatric Transport

PMT can facilitate ALS or BLS transports of a bariatric patient utilizing a specialty stretcher capable of lifting up to 1600 pounds. The custom Stryker stretcher is twice as wide as a standard cot and can be winched into the ambulance. We have both ALS and BLS ambulances capable of accommodating these transports. When scheduling, please allow extra time for our dispatchers to arrange for the transport as up to three units may be required to safely transport the patient.

Operating Area

Below is a map of the area Positive Medical Transport Services. We offer one or more of the following services in the highlighted counties: Ambulatory, Wheelchair, BLS, ALS, or Critical care Transport. For Out of State Transportation information, Click Here.

Service Area Map of Southern-Central Florida including Clewiston, Lakeland, Winter haven, Wauchula, Lake Wales, Lake Placid & Avon Park FL
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